2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows


Do you ever find yourself in the need of playing tricks with your friends or family by changing your voice while having a real-time conversation or recorded voice tap? Well, there are a host of voice changer software available on the internet, which allow you to change your voice into a different type of voices such as another gender voice (from man to woman and vice versa), child voice, animal voice, robotic voice or much more. This software can be used for the entertaining or funny purpose during communicating with your knowns over voice calling applications on your computers like Skype, Viber and Google talk.

These voice changer software are available in two versions – Real-time and Non-real time. The former one enables you to convert and send your voice instantly during a live communication whereas the later one ask you first to record your voice in a supported audio format and then allows you make changes in it using different features.

Since there are a lot of voice changer applications on the internet, you may find yourself confusing in selecting the appropriate one for you. But do not worry, we take it to ourself and narrow the options for you. Here, in this guide, we bring best voice changer software with many innovative features. All of them are available at free of cost, you can download anyone which suits you the most.
Go through the complete list of Free Voice Changer Software below here:

Voxal Voice Changer

2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows

Top of the list of recommended freeware for changing the voice, Voxal Voice Changer has a good user interface and comes with various predefined tools to change your voice at different levels. It works as both, real -time and non-real time voice changing software. You can apply the effects on your voice at real-time during an active call. It also enables you to make changes in a pre-saved audio file. Using this freeware, you can modify or change the original voice into the genuine voice of male, female, robots, alien and many others.

Download the Voxal Voice Changer from here.


Skype Voice Changer

2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows

It is a real-time voice changing software which is developed by Skype. It is the best application to trick your beloved ones by adding the real-time voice changing effects to your original voice during a live call over the Skype. You also get an option to customize with various effects in the software. The best thing about the Skype Voice Changer is, it is also available in portable version.

Download Skype Voice Changer from here.


Fake Voice

2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows

Fake Voice is a simple and easy to use voice changing freeware. It enables the user to change his/her voice into a completely new voice including the voice of young, old, cartoon, kid and much more. To modify or change the voice, move the sliders of different tool settings up or down. You can also hear changes while adjusting the settings.

Download Fake Voice from here.


Voice Changer

2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows

It is a simple and easy to use freeware for changing various properties of a recorded audio file. It supports audio file in three formats namely, .wav, .mp3 and .wma. It gets a long list of tools for voice editing including the various pitch shift effects, different voice option, and audio speed adjustment. You can save the audio file in .wav format after applying necessary effects. Since it is a non-real time software, it does not allow users for applying the various audio effects while having a real time communication. You can only edit your voice using this tool once it is recorded in a supportable audio format.

Download the Voice Changer from here.


Morph Vox

2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows

Loaded with quality features, Morph Vox is an all in one solution for changing voice into a completely different tone. In this software, you will get 3 effects by default – Man, woman, and kid. It is one of its kinds real time voice changer freeware and the best to use for an entertaining purpose. Using this tool, you can also change your voice while playing online games or having a live chat.

Download Morph Vox from here.


All-in-One Voice Changer

2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows

This software allows you to play prank calls online while speaking with your family or friends. It is a real time voice changer freeware which let you change your voice while using IM (Instant Messenger) desktop apps like Skype or Yahoo Messenger. During an active call, you can add various effects to your original voice. If you are a man and want speak like a woman or if you are a woman and want to speak like a man, you are going to love this All-in-One Voice Changer. Moreover, you can also dub an entire video in funny ways using this software.

Download All-in-One Voice Changer from here.



2016 Best Free Voice Changer Software for Windows

It mainly is a pitch changer software and can be used during an active call. It displays the altered voice in waveform during a voice call via desktop messenger app. To use this software, first, open the messenger app and then allow the VoiceMaster to access through Skype. There is slider option on the VoiceMaster software window, you can use it to adjust the pitch of your voice.

Download the VoiceMaster from here.

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