5 Best Free Firewall Protection Tools 2017 for Windows

The data and information stored in your computer or laptop are prone to several attacks that may damage it.
This is the reason that one should have some kind of security that in order to prevent viruses, threats, and malware from entering your computer.

Firewall is something that you might have heard of and is one of the ways to safeguard your computers from unauthorized access.
You can call it a program which is present in every system but you need to turn it on so that it starts working.

Once you have turned on your firewall, your computer is now protected.
Apart from the inbuilt firewall that is available on every device, you can even go for the third party software which offers better security and have added features as well.
The most important thing to remember is that the firewall software’s are both free as well as paid but unless you have tried them it is difficult to say whether it is worth buying or not.

So rather than spending money on such software’s or programs, it is better to go for the free ones which are definitely the best and fulfill the purpose too.

So let us get started knowing about them.

Zone Alarm

The first software cum program that you can try is the Zone Alarm.
The best feature of this software is the real-time security along with the attributes related to the wireless connection.
Apart from this Zone Alarm helps to detect the threats puts an end to the malicious programs as well. When it comes to the effectiveness, there is no comparison of the software and it is one of the ideal choices if looking for a free firewall.
Download from here


Tiny Wall

It is yet another security option that can install in your computers.
The best thing is that it does not disturb you with the pop ups and has all the features that a usual firewall should provide.
As this does not consume much space, therefore, it is the first choice for the users.
Around 1MB space is needed to install the software which is quite low as most of them are bulky and it becomes difficult to install and use them.
Download from here


Anti Net Cut 3

Spoofing is one of the common problems faced by the people but with the help of Anti Net Cut 3, you can put an end to all such issues.
It is because of the simple reason that this program is designed to ensure complete security of the internet connection thereby stopping the attempts from the unknown people.
Even your Wi-Fi hotspots can be secured through this option and that is why a great choice for the users.
Download from here



This is definitely one of the perfect choices as it helps to block a number of apps and sites trying to enter your computer. If pop-ups are a big problem for you, one need not worry as this software is highly effective and available free of cost. Thus you can say that it is a worth trying program and compatible with Windows 7 and above operating system.
Download from here


Emsisoft Internet Security

If you are looking for one of the finest firewalls, this one is a superb choice. With Emsisoft Internet Security, you can look forward to running safer attribute which is available only in this firewall.
Even, when you wish to install a new program, it will ask permission and only proceed with the installation process.
There is no option of the automatic updates that is why you need to provide an email address so that the notifications can be sent.
Download from here


So these are some of the top rated firewalls that can be used by the people.
The links can be used to download the software so that they can get started without any problem.
The features may slightly vary but the ultimate purpose is to secure your computers and this is easily accomplished.
Hence you can opt for any of them depending on your suitability, size availability and definitely the benefits of the firewall.
Hope the firewall proves beneficial in securing your devices to the fullest.

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