Best Free Image Viewer you Must Try on Windows

An image viewer is a computer application or program that provides the user an interface to view the graphically stored images. The functionality and properties of an image viewer may vary from one software to other. A large number of image viewers are available which can be downloaded to a windows computer and some of them are absolutely free. Besides viewing the property they come along with editing functionality. Numerous editing options are available to handle different graphics formats such as resize, crop, color enhancement, color management, resolution display, exposure adjustment, and many others.  It totally depends on upon the user what kind of image viewer software he/she wants to use; it varies from professional to amateur.

Which one is the best?

The popularity of digital photography in present arena has increased the importance of image viewer software. But the quality and quantity of these software programs have made the task of choosing the perfect image viewer quite complicated. The most important factor that actually matters is your need and convenience. Moreover, it should be compatible with all type of graphical formats like jpeg, jpg, png, gif and many others. Various technical and software related websites and blogs name different image viewer as the best one and make it confusing for the user to choose from. Some of the best and acknowledged image viewer software are described below but ultimately it depends on upon the users which software they want.


Best Free Image Viewer you Must Try on Windows

It is considered as the most versatile image viewer software as it can read over 500 types of graphic files and these files can also be converted to 70 formats. Images can be managed by folders and are loaded without any lags. The arrangement of images can be done according to your need and can be sorted in a variety of ways. Image viewing too has more options; they can be viewed as thumbnails, as slideshows, and in full-screen mode. XnView has a unique feature of batch renaming; hence images with customized adjustments can be processed accordingly. It has a quality of image processing features like rotation and resizing of image, crop feature, adjustment of color and brightness level, applying different filters and effects along with many other editing tools.  It is available for windows and also comes with a mobile version. Download page


Best Free Image Viewer you Must Try on Windows

IrfanView is one of the oldest and classic image viewer software. IrfanView is named after its creator Irfan Skiljan. This free software lets you view and process image easily. IrfanView takes a mere 2 MB disk space and comes with the simplest user interface. Just like other software, it supports batch conversion and advanced photo formatting. It is extremely fast in displaying image and has many other functions like editing, batch processing, slideshow exporting, color management for almost any graphics plug-in. Scanning images are one of its unique features and can also play songs and videos. IrfanView works on all windows platform. Download page

FastStone Image Viewer

Best Free Image Viewer you Must Try on Windows

FastStone Image Viewer runs on all windows platform from windows 98 to windows 8. This user-friendly program comes with an excellent interface and has a logically designed pop-up panels, menu, and toolbars. Instead of creating albums it follows a folder centric approach for photo management. It supports a large number of photo formats including some uncommon one like bmp, tiff, raw camera files, ico so on and so forth. Some other important features that this program offers are thumbnails, slide shows, exit information, side by side comparison of image, color correction, red-eye removal, clone brush etc. Download page

WildBit Viewer

Best Free Image Viewer you Must Try on Windows

WildBit viewer is an excellent lightweight image viewer software compatible with all windows platform. This highly manageable and functional program has a support for over 70 formats. It has a specialization in slide show formation with over 176 different transition effects can be created using this program. It has a large number of editing tools with a powerful search function. It can be used as an organizer for images because of its shell toolbar. Some other important features include side by side comparison of image, aspect ratio information and perceptive image editor. Download page

Google Picasa

Best Free Image Viewer you Must Try on Windows

Picasa is an image viewer software owned by Google. A large number of file formats are supported by Picasa. It is a fast, stable and easily customizable tool. It offers advanced editing tools with a large number of features. Some of its features include file import, image tracking, slide shows, facial recognition, color enhancements, text addition and much more. Images can be easily tagged on Goggle+. Picasa is available for windows from XP to windows 7. Download page

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. brian

    October 26, 2016 at 4:00 AM

    I am using Google Picasa for years, just not the same on a phone though.
    I really like KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro, it’s an easy to use editor with lots of features and tools.

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