Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 The Ultimate Guide

Do you use keyboard shortcuts?

If you do, you know how much time they save for us. Windows integrated some keyboard shortcuts into their system for almost every task. And, it works well and fast than the usual mouse method.

The latest Microsoft operating system is Windows 10. Just like the previous versions, it also supports keyboard shortcuts. The best thing is they have introduced a few new shortcuts to get things done at the earliest.

All New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

The following are the new keyboard shortcuts you can use if you are a Windows 10 user.

Snapping Made Easy

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 The Ultimate Guide

You know what snapping is, don’t you? It’s a feature came with Windows 7 that lets us use two windows at the same time. Windows 10 has a few snapping keyboard shortcuts.

Win key + Up Arrow – Snap the window to the top

Win key + Down Arrow – Snap the window to the bottom

Win key + Right Arrow – Snap the window to the right

Win key + Left Arrow – Snap the window to the left

In case you want to snap one window to a corner, you can use like Win key+ Up+ Left, etc. This is a very helpful shortcut as it will let you manage windows without using a mouse. Suppose you have opened up multiple windows and want to align one window to the right side and another one to the left side, all you have to do is make use of this shortcut and it will be aligned. If you were using a mouse, you would have to drag the window to one corner in order to do this.

Some Windows Features

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 The Ultimate Guide

Windows 10 has some cool new features like Cortana, Edge browser, etc. The shortcuts given below are used to control those.

Win Key + I – Opens settings (not control panel)

Win key + U – Opens Ease of Access

Win key + A – Launch action center

Win key + D – Shows desktop

Win key + Tab – Manages opened windows

Win key + S – Opens Cortana

Microsoft Edge Shortcuts

These are exclusive shortcuts for using the browser from Microsoft, the Edge. Try these when you have opened up an Edge window only as it will work there only. Though most of these shortcuts work’s in other popular browsers too.

Ctrl + L – Selects the current URL in the address bar

Ctrl + Enter – Adds .com at the end

Ctrl + Tab – Switch between opened tabs

Ctrl + D – Bookmarks the current web page

Ctrl + T – Opens a new tab

Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 The Ultimate Guide

The virtual desktop is a feature that allows you to have more than one desktop at the same time. This is a feature which is there in other operating systems since a few years. Microsoft took some time to implement it. A virtual desktop will create separate work areas, and you can run different apps and software in each virtual desktop. Fortunately, you can manage these in just a press of a few buttons.

Win key + Ctrl+ D – Creates new virtual desktop

Win key + Ctrl + Right or Left Arrow – Switches between available virtual desktops

Win key + Ctrl + F4 – Closes the current active virtual desktop

Some Command Prompt Shortcuts

Command prompt is a handy tool for simple OS tweaks to geeky processes.

Ctrl + A – Selects the entire text available on the window

Ctrl + Insert – Copies the selected text

Shift + Insert – Paste the copied text

You can use the combinations of Shift and different arrow keys to choose the text.

Alt + F4 – Closes the window

A Few Common Windows Shortcuts

These shortcuts are not exclusive to Windows 10, but they work just fine in it.

Alt + Tab – Switches between Windows

Alt + PrtScr – Takes a screenshot and copies to the clipboard

Win key + PrtScr – Saves the screenshot to the Screenshots directory in the Pictures folder

Win key + L – Locks the desktop

Alt+ F4 at desktop – Opens power options

Win key + E – Opens Windows Explorer

Win key + X – Opens the right- click context menu of the Start button

Wrapping Up

I have given you almost all Windows shortcuts along with some standard ones.

If you know any new, don’t forget to comment down the same here.

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